History of Plaza

Plaza Community Center was founded by members of Olvera Street’s La Plaza United Methodist Church in 1905 and it was incorporated as a non-profit agency in 1916.  The organization was designed to offer leadership training, educational and welfare assistance programs, medical services, and recreational activities for children and adults of the City’s Mexican-American community.

Plaza moved to East Los Angeles in 1956, following the dramatic shift of the City’s Latino population to this area. In addition to its core activities, Plaza initiated extended childcare and early education programs and continued to develop medical and family-oriented programs. Today, Plaza offers infant and toddler childcare and early education programs designed to promote socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development in an enriching and nurturing environment.  In addition, Plaza Home visiting staff work with parents of children 0-5 years to assist in their child’s learning and development.  Plaza staff also provide high-quality intervention and prevention services to children and families to assist in creating positive changes to family life.

We believe in empowering people so they can make positive changes in their lives and the lives of their families.

Our Vision

Our mission is to support children, youth, and families in need to develop and grow within a nurturing environment by providing effective, high quality education, health, and other community services to ensure that children receive the foundational skills and abilities they will need to be successful students in the K-12 education system and above and become productive, contributing members of society.